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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Gudday Folks... many things happening - all of which involves "Change" - hence the drawn out time between posts... by crikey this Dad business is time consuming... just as well I'm not a Mum - I'm clearly not qualified enough for THAT role!

The big change in THIS place is that I'm sliding sideways across to Wordpress, and leaving the world of Blogger behind. I'm ever hopeful that you'll follow the trail, and join me in my new place. Thanks for your company, your reading and your yarning - it's been a lot of fun!

You'll find me HERE... so get in early and claim the comfy chairs! You make sure you've left your work world behind - and I'll get the kettle on, warn the XO, prep the kid(s), and put the dog's out the back!

Cheers all...

Belongum - Out!